Sunday, December 12, 2010

I-94 kids "boxcar" races

I believe promoter Mary Beth Cripe started the "box car races" at I-94 Speedway about 1996 or so.  Once per year, kids ran around during intermission with a box over their body cut-out to look like a race car.  It was really fun and popular enough to continue as an annual tridition until 2008.

One of the early winners was Jason Lofquist the son of driver Jeff and promoter Chanda.  Years later Jason drove a UCAR at I-94 Raceway.

Here is a photo of track announcer Jason Dale Searcy "interviewing" a young racer (in a spongebob car) after an event.

Another crowd favorite was Jonathan and Doug Olmsheid's neice Francis.  She sang the national anthem many times at the track, but was never happier than when she won a boxcar race in 2007.

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  1. Those were fun times and lots of kids had a big thrill running on the track and meeting their "hero" drivers who helped me with those races. Thanks for the memories. I enjoyed them. (and yes, I did start those silly races. Who knew they'd be such a big hit?)
    Mary Beth Cripe