Monday, May 2, 2011

Former I-94 Racer dies

Former I-94 Raceway driver Gordy Mason passed away of an apparent hear attack on Sunday May 1st, 2011 at the age of 54.

Gordy was a driver in the Limited Late Model division at I-94 Raceway for many years, his most successful year was 2004 when he finished 2nd place in the point standings.

I will remember Gordy's sharp looking #1 car always looking flawless, if he had a scrape one night, it was fixed before the next week.  He was a gentleman driver, never causing trouble, yet always trying hard.

His sponsors & crew were always on his mind, he gave me a list every year of his most important sponsors and helpers, he always mentioned his wife, I think they celebrated their wedding anniversary at the track every year.

WaterJet cutting was a big sponsor for him, he would bring me examples of the metal shapes they could cut with water. I can still remember his sponsors:  Precision Gasket, WaterJet cutting and C C Engineering, one year his sponsors came to the track and rented all the track owned U-CARS, they all raced and had an absolute blast.  I think we had over a dozen different people racing those cars that night.

Funeral service is set for Friday (May 6) at 10am at Minnewashta Church in Shorewood MN.  Visitation will be one hour before the funeral on Friday and from 5-8pm on Thursday (May 5th) at the Huber Funeral home in Excelsior MN.
Rest In Peace Gordy, you were a perfect example of a respectful racer.

You will be missed.

Jason D Searcy (I-94 Announcer)

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