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I-94 Raceway and I-94 Speedway Radio and TV show links


I-94 Raceway announcer Jason Dale Searcy did a radio show from 1991- 1997 the "Speedway Show" on KMSR 94.3 FM in Sauk Centre. 

Speedway Show #2 1991- Steve Domine, Dale Johnson and Ryan Muzic guests Speedway Show #2 

Show #13 in 1991- Interviews with Butch Stearns, Ryan Muzic, Steve Domine 1991 show #13

Speedway Show Final of 1992 - Jamie Lemke, Tom Hebert, Jim Bruggeman and Steve Domine Speedway show 1992

Speedway Show in 1994 with Jeff Hinkemeyer, Bryan Roach, Stu Olson, Bud Martini, Tim Johnson and Terry Merten doing a commercial.  1994 Speedway show

Final show of 1994 with Pat Henry, Dave Stork, Eugene Dick, Scott Gilbertson and Kevin Cywinski Final show of 1994

Interview with Gary Webb in 1994 Gary Webb 1994

1994 Season Review with Dick Johanneck, Steve Johanneck, Bryan Roach, Eugene Dick, Pat Henry, Jon Larus. 1994 season review

Speedway Show in 1995 with Dean Reller, Stu Olson and Greg Johnson Speedway Show 1995

Clarence Washburn interview 1995 Clarence Washburn

Butch Stearns in 1995 Butch Stearns 1995

1995 I-94 Speedway season Recap with Steve Domine and Jason 1995 season wrap

Speedway Show in 1996 with Larry Button, Stu Olson and Steve Domine Speedway Show 1996

From 2000-2001 Dean Reller joined Jason for the Raceway Report on KMSR radio 

Here is an interview from 2001 with Tim Bumgardner Tim Bumgardner

Rob Thurston interview from 2001 - Rob Thurston

Here is the press conference that I-94 Speedway Owner Dick Johanneck had with the media when he decided to switch from the dirt surface to tar in for the 1994 season I-94 Press Conference

In 2002 Jason and Dean switched it up and did a series of TV shows in which they interviewed some drivers and had some race highlights included.  Here are a series of links to some of those shows copied from their VHS tapes to YouTube, more will be added... Click on the LINK.

2002 Track Champions interviews:  Blake Bjorklund, Rob Thurston, Tom Gjerstad, Ace Valencour and Jesse Klug 2002 Champions

Shawn Koranda and Gary Mueller were interviewed on this show plus great race highlights Speed Talk TV link

Darin Nelson and Kurt Deters are interviewed on this edition of Speed Talk Interview Link

Interviews with Stacey Rossell, Scotty "the Iceman" Brandt, Bryan "Big Dawg" Roach and John "Top" Notch. Click Here for YouTube Video

Interviews with Rob Thurston, Oren Hoeper, Jason Martigone, Dave Schaefer and Rich Snyder Speed Talk show #7

Big Dawg Bryan Roach, AJ Rhoads and Jon "top" Notch are interviewed on this episode Speed Talk Link

Interviews with Jesse Klug and Brady Barker highlights from Doug Rose in the Green Mamba Jet Car Green Mamba Night 2002

Interviews with Trent Snyder, Todd Tracy and Pat Maloney Speed Talk show #9

Interviews with owner Tim Olson and UCAR driver Tony "the tiger" Hallerman Speed Talk show #1

Interviews with TNN race commentator Bob Dillner, Modified full race, ASA driver Nate Thiesse, Tim Brockhouse plus some behind the scenes with Jesse Klug on ASA night at I-94 Raceway ASA Night at I-94

More will be added to YouTube as time allows.

The Raceway Report on Radio returned in 2003-2007 on KMSR and then switching to KASM in Albany and 1390 AM in St Cloud.

Here is a show from 2006 with Scott Brandt, Rob Thurston, Jon Lewerer, David Bolstad and Rob Dubnecay 2006 Raceway Report

Here are some podcast links that Jason and Dean did talking about the history of I-94

1991-1993 Dirt Years

I-94 the Asphalt years

I-94 Raceway the Big Events

I-94 Best ever drivers

Thanks for keeping the memory of I-94 alive, if anyone else uploads I-94 video please message me and I will link it.  

Jason Searcy- I-94 Announcer

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1994 I-94 Speedway Press Conference

By Jason D Searcy

In the Spring of 1994 I-94 Speedway owner Dick Johanneck held a press conference for a small group of media to announce that he will begin a $100,000 project to change the dirt surface of the Sauk Centre (MN) track to Tar.    

Dick Johanneck was a great salesman and successful businessman (PolyDome), he was at his best this day selling his new idea to the assembled media.  He was passionate about the direction of the 3 yr old racetrack and was extremely optimistic about the future of Asphalt racing, "I believe tar is the future of racing" said Johanneck "in the next five years i believe we will see 4-5 other track switch to tar."  

As it turned out, the only other MN track that changed to asphalt was I-94 International Speedway in Fergus Falls (MN), the other track owned by Johanneck.  Officials from the Marshfield (WI) track visited I-94 and then switched their track to tar in for the 1996 season.  

His plan was to race dirt cars on the asphalt surface which he said would take crews about 1 hour to switch their setups from dirt to asphalt with no changes to their shocks and springs.  

A few drivers raced both dirt and asphalt the first couple years, and numerous big dirt track stars raced at I-94 including (Ryan Muzik, Jeff Hinkemeyer, Steve Fegers, Dave Stork, Greg Meyer, Dave Cain etc) but as the years progressed the race cars became asphalt exclusive and the rules eventually reflected that.  In the early asphalt years the Mod 4 division (below) thrived and sported the largest car counts, after a few years the INEX sanctioned Legends cars thrived.


Johanneck lauded the benefits an asphalt track would bring to both the racers and the fans, "it's time to progress to better racing" he said.  Fans would benefit from the cleanliness and faster moving program by not having to watch cars packing the track.  In 1993 the track saw numerous rain delays and race programs that lasted late into the night.

Rocks were also a big problem the final year of dirt racing in 1993 with numerous fans getting hit by rocks flying into the stands and even breaking windshields of their cars in the tailgate section.  "I tried my darndest to get those rock out of the track and every week we got new ones," said Johanneck.  He also believed young drivers would benefit from having great opportunities to move up to the popular ASA and ARCA racing series.  

I-94 never did host an ARCA or ASA race but they did host an ARTGO race (below) in 1994, numerous NASCAR Midwest series races, ASA Midwest tour and an ASL race.  

*Scott Searcy - Cricket Prints photo

Dick Johanneck also mentioned that he was only 61 yrs old and was planning on continuing racing.  (Which he did for several more years)  Johanneck was quoted as saying "getting old is mandatory, growing up is optional."   The future of I-94 Speedway was changed in a dramatic way after that press conference in 1994.  Much of what the owner said would happen did not happen the way he thought it would, but he did change the landscape of racing in Minnesota and I-94 did spark the racing career of numerous drivers who went on to have success including; Jesse Klug, Trent Snyder, Blake Bjorklund, Bryan Roach, Rich Snyder, Andy Hanson, Nick Panitzke, Tim Olson, Nate Thiesse and others.

Here is the full audio of the 1994 Press Conference in which Dick Johanneck spoke with new promoter Mary Beth Cripe also talking near the end.  

You will also hear Dean Reller get introduced as the new Media Specialist and future announcer "Jason Dale" Searcy asked numerous questions during the event.

I-94 Switching to Tar Press Conference

*Special thanks to Matt Todd, Dan Plan, Scott Searcy, Doug Jenkins and Madd Artist Photo for photo credits.

Here is an article on the crazy 1994 year at I-94 Speedway, the year it switched to tar.  1994 Year

Here is a link to the 1994 Point standings where you can see numerous big Dirt Track stars who raced at I-94 Speedway including Jeff Hinkemeyer, Steve Fegers, Ryan Muzik, Dave Cain, Dave Stork, Shawn Kirwin, Kenny Bullick, Al Stewart etc.
1994 I-94 Points

Here is a link to the ASL race in 2005 2005 ASL Race

Here is a link to the I-94 OBIT which was written in 2010 I-94 OBIT

Here are some photos of what the track looked like in 2015 2015 Photos

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1994 a year of change for I-94 Speedway

There has been much discussion over the years about why did track owner Dick Johanneck change the surface at I-94 Speedway in Sauk Centre (MN) from Dirt to Asphalt in 1994.

It is a fact that many fans were pelted with rocks and numerous windshields were broken up in the tailgate section in turns 3 and 4 at I-94 Speedway in 1993.  I think the negativity surrounding the track surface contributed to the decision to do the reported $120,000 project of paving the 3/8th mile oval in Sauk Centre MN.

Here is recap of the 1994 season which includes a recording of the press conference where Dick Johanneck explains his reasons for the switch.  Some of you might be surprised by his perspective at the time.

Also included in this audio recap are soundbites from drivers: Steve Johanneck, Pat Henry, John Leraas, Jeff Hinkemeyer, Eugene Dick, Bryan Roach.

Dean Reller (media) and Jason Searcy (announcer) from Speed Talk on 1360 worked at I-94 from 1991-2008.  Here is an audio recap of the new asphalt years at I-94 on their podcast

Here were the Champions in 1994, the first year of asphalt.
Late Models- Eugene Dick
Modifieds- Dave Stork
Street Stocks- Pat Henry
Super Stocks- Rocky Thompson
4 cyl - John Notch

Here is a link to the final "Top 10" point standings in 1994.. some really big names in dirt track racing made the move to racing at I-94 Speedway, many of them only for a short time including: Shawn Kirwin, Dave Cain, Ryan Muzik, Gary Reents, Al Stewart, Ken Bullick, Chris Groth, Greg Meyer, Jon Hinkemeyer, Dave Stork and others.

Here is another opinion column that focused on the first few years of racing on the asphalt by track announcer 2000-2008 Jason Dale Searcy

The biggest event of the year was the inaugural Governors Cup ARTGO race on September 11th 1994.  It was a 100 lap race that paid $2500 to the winner.  Steve Carlson won that race, also competing included future NASCAR stars Matt Kenseth and Michael Waltrip also ASA Champion Kevin Cywinski, future owner of I-94 Raceway Tim Olson and many other big names in Late Model racing including Jon Lemke, Jason Schneider, Tim Sauter, Johnny Spaw, Jim Weber, Mark Noble, Larry Schuler, Brad Miller and others.

 Here are the official results from that race

*Photos courtesy of Scott Searcy-Cricket Prints

Note-  I-94 Speedway was built as a dirt track in 1991, changed to asphalt in 1994, changed back to dirt in 2009 and then was closed.  The track remained standing until 2016 when it was demolished.

Note- Dick Johanneck still owns the I-94 Speedway in Fergus Falls MN where they hold an annual race called the KING OF THE DIRT.

Get more history of I-94 Speedway I-94 Raceway in Sauk Centre at

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I-94 Speedway Race Story 7/1/1994

Newcomer Raguse Tops in Modifieds

By KMSR's Jason Dale and Dean Reller

Sauk Centre, MN, July 1, 1994 --  The overcast sky did not dampen the spirits of the biggest crowd of the year that turned out for the KCLD Fireworks night at the I-94 Speedway.  In the WISSOTA Modified feature it was Kyle Raguse claiming his first ever pavement win.  At the drop of the green it was Steve Johanneck leading lap one, before Rick Burns took command on lap two and then Shawn Kirwin took over on lap three.  Kirwin then extended his lead by the half-way point to a full straight-away over the others.  Disaster struck Kirwin with four laps to go as his rear-end gears let loose, thus setting up a fight to the finish.  Newcomer Raguse took the top spot and had to hold off hard charger Dave Stork by inches at the line.

       Eugene Dick continued his winning ways as he took the feature event in the WISSOTA Late Model division.  Bill Woodworth took advantage of his pole position to take the early lead.  Woodworth held the top spot for the first 20 laps of the race.  With five laps remaining, Woodworth spun in turn one, as Steve Fegers was turning up the heat for the lead.  Fegers also slid his car, but when the race was restarted, he inherited the lead.  Points leader Dick used the late race caution to make a run to the front and with just two laps to go, Dick hooked up on the high side and claimed the lead for the two remaining circuits.  Fegers finished a close second with Rich Snyder third.

       In the WISSOTA Super Stock feature it was Twin Cities racer Paul Paine taking home the trophy.  Paine took the lead on lap one and never looked back as he cruised the entire race in the lead.  Bryan Roach finished second and Bob Snyder finished third.

       In the KCLD WISSOTA Street Stock feature it was Pat Henry once again finishing ahead of the rest.  Henry started outside the third row but quickly found himself in the lead on lap one.  The Sauk Centre native was able to withstand the constant pressure applied by Jim Bring and Tyrone Swanson in the dash to the finish.  The win was Henry's third in as many weeks at his home track.

       Jamie Winterquist made the long trek from Grandin, North Dakota pay-off as he led the entire Four Cylinder/Mini-Mod feature from start to finish.  As Winterquist ran away out front, the action turned to the second place battle between Frank Gabrelcik and Bill "frog" Nornberg.  The two cars touched in turn two, sending Gabrelcik into the wasll and Nornberg to the back of the pack.  "Frog" hopped through the field to reclaim second, but that was as far as he could get to Winterquist by the time the checkered flag waved.

This was the first race story I ever wrote.  Dean Reller usually did all the race stories but he had the night off and I was asked to do it.   Great memories and great racing at I-94. 

Jason Searcy

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I-94 Raceway Photos 2015

I-94 Speedway in Sauk Centre opened in 1991, the name was changed to I-94 Raceway in 2001 and then closed in 2009.  Here are some photos of how the track looks on Easter of 2015.  Do not let this happen to your local race track, please support motorsports in your area.

In my opinion, the track will never again open so, we should celebrate the history of this great racing facility.  Please click around this web-site and remember the good times had at I-94 Raceway. 

Photos by Jason D Searcy (I-94 announcer 2001-2008)

If you have any photos or memories of this track and would like to contribute them to this web-site just email them to

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Race Results 8-21-2004

Fredrickson Strong In "Tire Guy " 150 at I-94 Raceway 

By Dean Reller

SAUK CENTRE, MN (August 21, 2004) - Dan Fredrickson's experience in longer races came to the forefront as he captured the rain-shortend Jeremy "Tire Guy" Johnson 150 Memorial at the I-94 Raceway in Sauk Centre. Benny VanCleve led the field of 24 to the green flag and it was Eugene Dick who took control on the opening lap. Andy Hanson moved to second as the lead pack stayed close. Eighth starting Fredrickson was on the move right away as he passed both Hanson and Dick to become the new race leader on lap nine. The first caution of the race waved on lap ten, when Jon and Tim Olson got together just out of turn four. When racing resumed, Fredrickson continued to show the way as Hanson tried to work his way past. Hanson was unable to get the run he needed and this allowed Todd Hansen to catch the front pair and make it a three-car race for the lead. Hansen would pass Hanson, just prior to the yellow flag for Jeff Lofquist's spin on lap 55. Fredrickson quickly restarted the race and Hansen turned up the pressure as he pulled alongside and raced wheel-to-wheel for the lead. Hanson was right behind the top two as he sat in the very close third spot. Lapped traffic kept the leader busy as Fredrickson still was the top car in the race. With a mandatory race break at lap 100, Hansen seized the opportunity and grabbed the lead at the stripe to hold the lead going into the break.
Hansen showed the way as the race resumed and Fredrickson became the challenger as he tried to pull alongside the leader. It wasn't long before it was side-by-side for the lead and Fredrickson used the bottom of the track to his advantage as he retook the lead on lap 111. Hansen continued strong and he took the lead back on the following lap. Bill Rode's spin on lap 116, brought out yet another yellow and on the restart, Fredrickson gained the advantage as he took the lead for the final time. Hansen stayed close, but as the race wore on, he slipped back as Fredrickson pulled to a full straightaway advantage at one point. The final caution waved on lap 146, when Eugene Dick spun in turn one. During the caution, a thunderstorm moved over the track and dropped enough rain to force race officials to call the race complete at 145 laps and award Fredrickson the win.
Jon Lewerer was one of the many drivers the Jeremy "Tire Guy" Johnson had helped in the pits and it was a emotional moment in Victory Lane as Lewerer paid tribute to a fallen friend by winning the Modified Feature. John Gottwald looked fast early on as he set the pace in the first six laps. Sixth starting Lewerer drove hard and on lap seven, he pulled off the pass in turn four. Once in the lead, Lewerer checked-out, pulling to a full straightaway lead as he blasted to the win in the cautionless race. Gottwald completed his best race of season as he held off Kevin Woeste for second. Following the race, Lewerer bolted from his car, climbed the front stretch fence, saluted the fans and dedicated the win to Jeremy Johnson, known to many in the pits as simply "Tire Guy".
Dirk Henry debuted his new car in dominant fashion as he won the Bernick's Pepsi Great North Legends Feature. Polesitter Greg Lohrenz took the lead right away, but Henry was right behind, immediately turning up the heat. Henry took the lead just before Bruce Allen crashed in turn three. On the restart, Henry quickly distanced himself from everyone. The race for second remained tight as Tim Brockhouse worked his way past Lohrenz. Without any further cautions, Henry was able to run away from everyone as he went on to pick up his second career Legends win.
Ace Valencour used a great starting spot to take the win in the Thunder Car Feature. Starting on the pole, Valencour took the lead right away. Lance Stueve, in search of his first win, pressured Valencour the entire race. Stueve stayed within a car's length the entire race, but he couldn't mount a challenge as he chased Valencour to the win.
David Bolstad has found some speed in the last few weeks and he put it to good use as he won the Bernick's Pepsi UCAR Feature. Alan Thompson took control at the start as the field stayed close behind, running three-wide in the first few laps. Cory Flynn and Andy Mayavski got together on lap five to bring out a caution. On the restart, Thompson had Bolstad right alongside and it wasn't long before Bolstad took the lead. Another caution with three laps remaining, saw Jeremy Fleck and Flynn right behind the leader. Bolstad wasn't about to let this one get away as he drove hard the final few laps and picked up the win. Flynn got by Fleck with one to go as he finished a close second.

I-94 Raceway Results Aug. 21, 2004
ASA Super Late Models
Fast Qualifiers
1. Dan Fredrickson (16.65 sec. NEW TRACK RECORD) 2. Joe Berthiaume (16.67 sec.) 3. Josh Vadnais (16.72 sec.) 4. Todd Hansen (16.72 sec.) 5. Andy Hanson (16.78 sec.) 6. Dean Cornelius (16.83 sec.)
Jeremy "Tire Guy" Johnson 150 Memorial Race (Number of laps completed)
1. Dan Fredrickson (Elko) (145) 2. Todd Hansen (Minneapolis) (145) 3. Josh Vadnais (White Bear Lake) (145) 4. Dean Cornelius (145) 5. Stacy Rossell (Atwater) (145) 6. Eugene Dick (Watkins) (145) 7. Bryan Roach (Becker) (145) 8. Bill Rode (Hudson, WI) (144) 9. Benny VanCleve (Prior Lake) (143) 10. AJ Rhoads (Hastings) (142) 11. JR Studinski (St. Joseph) (142) 12. Jake Jay (Harris) (142) 13. Andy Hanson (Ramsey) (141) 14. Jeff Lofquist (Fergus Falls) (140) 15. Molly Rhoads (Hastings) (140) 16. Pete Ingebritson (Farmington) (139) 17. Tim Dehaan (Pine City) (138) 18. Jason Rund (Fergus Falls) (137) 19. Tim Olson (Hamel) (99) 20. Joe Berthiaume (Hamel) (70) 21. Greg Michaud (Minnetrista) (50) 22. Pat Henry (Sauk Centre) (14) 23. Jon Olson (Hamel) (13) 24. Gordy Mason (Excelsior) (9)
Time of Race: 1 hr., 4 mins, 28 secs Average Speed: 50.608 mph Margin of Victory: n/a Rain
Caution Flags: lap 10 (crash); lap 55 (spin); lap 89 (spin); lap 116 (spin); lap 120 (crash); lap 139 (spin); lap 145 (spin/rain)
Lap Leaders: Eugene Dick 1-8, Dan Fredrickson 9-99, Todd Hansen 100-110, Dan Fredrickson 111, Todd Hansen 112-116, Dan Fredrickson 117-145
Total Laps Led: Dan Fredrickson 121, Todd Hansen 16, Eugene Dick 8
5 lead changes involving 3 drivers

First Heat
1. Jeff Rohner (Willmar) 2. Kevin Woeste (Waite Park) 3. Jerry Voigt (Cold Spring) 4. John Notch (St. Cloud) 5. Brady Barker (Grove City) 6. Mike Meagher (Grey Eagle) 7. Matt Anderson (Atwater) 8. Dave Deters (Sauk Centre)-DNS
Second Heat
1. Jon Lewerer (Coon Rapids) 2. Terry Merten (Sauk Centre) 3. John Gottwald (Paynesville) 4. Tony Grams (Zimmerman) 5. Joey Johnson (Alexandria) 6. Tim Brockhouse (Shorewood) 7. Joe Berthiaume (Hamel)
1. Jon Lewerer 2. John Gottwald 3. Kevin Woeste 4. John Notch 5. Terry Merten 6. Tony Grams 7. Jerry Voigt 8. Joey Johnson 9. Brady Barker 10. Jeff Rohner 11. Joe Berthiaume 12. Tim Brockhouse 13. Matt Anderson 14. Mike Meagher 15. Dave Deters-DNS

Great North Legends
First Heat
1. Jaycen Brockhouse (Prior Lake) 2. Rick Dubay (Coon Rapids) 3. Matt Hendrickson (Albany) 4. Ross Zumbach (Racine) 5. Chad Flynn (Alexandria) 6. Greg Lohrenz (Chanhassen) 7. Charlie Balderston (Freeport) 8. Dave Schafer (Glenwood) 9. Doug Petty (Oak Grove)-DNS
Second Heat
1. Tim Brockhouse (Shorewood) 2. Todd Tracy (Belle Plaine) 3. Zack Davids (Apple Valley) 4. Jamie Walker (Kimball) 5. Cam Schafer (Glenwood) 6. Mike Turbes (North Mankato) 7. Paul Hartman (Willmar) 8. Nick Binsfeld (St. Cloud)-DNF
Third Heat
1. Dirk Henry (Sauk Centre) 2. Jon Lewerer (Coon Rapids) 3. Rob Thurston (Olivia) 4. Rollie Davidson (Burnsville) 5. Stan Davis (Maple Grove) 6. Bruce Allen (Chanhassen) 7. Tim Bumgardner (Coon Rapids) 8. Robbie Carter (Prior Lake)
Fast Qualifiers
1. Jaycen Brockhouse (19.06 sec.) 2. Jon Lewerer (19.09 sec.) 3. Tim Brockhouse (19.2 sec.) 4. Greg Lohrenz (19.25 sec.) 5. Dirk Henry (19.25 sec.) 6. Todd Tracy (19.29 sec.)
1. Dirk Henry 2. Tim Brockhouse 3. Greg Lohrenz 4. Jaycen Brockhouse 5. Rob Thurston 6. Jon Lewerer 7. Todd Tracy 8. Zack Davids 9. Matt Hendrickson 10. Jamie Walker 11. Paul Hartman 12. Chad Flynn 13. Robbie Carter 14. Stan Davis 15. Charlie Balderston 16. Rick Dubay 17. Rollie Davidson 18. Dave Schafer 19. Mike Turbes 20. Tim Bumgardner 21. Nick Binsfeld 22. Cam Schafer 23. Ross Zumbach-DNF 24. Doug Petty-DNF 25. Bruce Allen-DNF

Thunder Cars
First Heat
1. Jerry Messer (Sauk Centre) 2. Lance Stueve (Greenwald) 3. Ace Valencour (Sauk Centre) 4. Matt Miller (Glenwood) 5. Jonathan Olmscheid (Elrosa) 6. Tim Wojtowicz (Minneapolis)-DNF 7. Jim Larkin (Big Lake)-DNF
Second Heat
1. Patrick Amelung (St. Joseph) 2. Jarmin Henry (Sauk Centre) 3. Daryl Harth (Glenwood) 4. Joe Karl (Osakis) 5. Matt Hoeschen (Sauk Centre) 6. Doug Olmscheid (Elrosa)-DNF
1. Ace Valencour 2. Lance Stueve 3. Jarmin Henry 4. Jerry Messer 5. Jim Larkin 6. Pat Amelung 7. Matt Miller 8. Joe Karl 9. Jonathan Olmscheid 10. Matt Hoeschen 11. Tim Wojtowicz 12. Doug Olmscheid (Elrosa) 13. Daryl Harth-DNF

First Heat
1. Andy Mayavski (St. Cloud) 2. Nick Panitzke (Sauk Centre) 3. Dan Bolstad (Fergus Falls) 4. David Bolstad (Fergus Falls) 5. Billy Weyer (Sartell) 6. Bobbi Maras (Grey Eagle) 7. Tony Hallerman (Sauk Centre) 8. Josh Christi (Sauk Rapids) 9. Carrie McDougall (Monticello)-DNF
Second Heat
1. Cory Flynn (Alexandria) 2. Jeremy Fleck (Sauk Rapids) 3. Andy Heying (St. Cloud) 4. Curt Peterson (Burtrum) 5. Alan Thompson (Waite Park) 6. Matt Peterson (Burtrum) 7. Craig Maack (Pelican Rapids) 8. Kris Wensmann (Burtrum)
1. David Bolstad 2. Cory Flynn 3. Jeremy Fleck 4. Dan Bolstad 5. Alan Thompson 6. Andy Heying 7. Kurt Peterson 8. Bobbi Maras 9. Nick Panitzke 10. Tony Hallerman 11. Andy Mayavski 12. Craig Maack 13. Josh Christi 14. Billy Weyer 15. Kris Wensman-DNF 16. Matt Peterson-DNF 17. Carrie McDougall-DNF

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ASL at I-94 Raceway 2005

July 3 2005

By Jason D Searcy

In an early race move, Ryan Mathews rocketed to the front over the independence holiday weekend to win the ASL 150 at I-94 Raceway in Sauk Centre MN.

Mathews passed Nate Thiesse on lap four and never looked back.  "I was just trying to drive easy and it seemed like nobody could catch me, the car didn't wiggle the entire race" said Mathews.

After a recent string of good runs Mathews was hungry to score his first win of 2005.  "It's been frustrating this year because we have had so many dominant cars and for whatever reason we've had something go wrong and lost the race.  We finally got one!"

Mathews bested a strong field of drivers that included two former ASA Champions, Kevin Cywinski and Bryan Reffner to win his first career ASL race.  "It's kind of neat to win in an ASL car becuase they are so different, every time we race we seem to learn a little more" said Mathews.

Trevor Stewart delighted his home state fans with an impressive late race charge through the pack to finish as the runner up.  "We needed a caution, we wanted the fans to throw something on the track like they do at Indy" joked Stewart.

Fast timer in practice and time trials Paul Paine stayed near the front the entire race and finished third but was not able to challenge for the win.  "I wore out my stuff racing with Cywinski" said Paine.  "He passed me when I was trying to keep the tires under my car.  Then I passed him and he passed me back again, then I got by him twords the end of the race.  By that time my stuff was all used up."

Also finishing on the lead lap was Kevin Cywinski in fourth then Jonathan Davenport and Nate Thiesse in his ASL debut.

The next race will be Tuesday August 2nd at Wisconsin International Raceway in Kaukauna WI.

ASL 150 Results from I-94 Raceway, Sauk Centre MN
July 3 2005

1-Ryan Mathews
2-Trevor Stewart
3-Paul Paine
4-Kevin Cywinski
5-Jonathan Davenport
6-Nate Thiesse
7-Bryan Reffner
8-Landon Cassill
9-Andrew Morrissey
10-Jarit Johnson
11-Ronnie Hawley
12-Hal Collins
13-Trey Allen
14-Jacob Dohlun
15-John Vig Jr.

*reprinted from

** The ASL only raced one year, when the ASA National tour folded and before the ASA Midwest tour began.  ASL founder Gary Vercauteran suddenly died in October of 2005.

*** If you notice.. future NASCAR Cup series driver Landon Cassill finished 8th, he was only 16 yrs old.  Future ASA Midwest tour champion Andrew Morrissey was 9th and Jarit Johnson (older brother of NASCAR Champion Jimmie Johnson) in a car prepared by Butch Miller finished 10th.  Hal Collins came all the way from Fort Worth Texas to race in this event, driving an open trailer to haul his car, he finished 12th.

Here is a youtube video of the entire event courtesy of Wogggieee

If anyone has photo's of this event we could include with the article please send them to